Upcoming Events

Our building campaign is an amazing opportunity to grow spiritually including our Dinner Series, Prayer Meeting, and special guest speakers.

April 6 Pastor Doug Fisher Preaching for Us
April 23 Building Kickoff Sunday
April 27 Pastor Jack Trieber Preaching for Us
April 30 Bro. Meyers visits Khmer and Spanish
May 19 Building Late Night Prayer Meeting
May 30-June 2 Dinner Series
June 4 Adult Sunday School Prayer Fellowships
June 5-9 Week of Prayer for the Building
June 7 Day of Fasting
June 11 Building Offering Celebration

Dinner Series

Get your ticket today! And, yes! You CAN purchase your ticket on SimpleGive. Just be SURE to let the ticket sales table or your adult teacher know that you did so we can mark your name down!

When does my class meet?
Tuesday, May 30 New Life, Grace, Solid Rock, New Heart, Crosspoint
Wednesday, May 31 Spanish (Español) and Khmer (កម្ពុជា)
Thursday, June 1 Pacific, Filipino, Faith, Cornerstone, Hands of Fellowship
Friday, June 2 Teens

Children nursery age to 5th grade will come on their parents' night for a kid's program. Tickets for K-5th grade are $5, and their program also includes a meal.


Listen to soul stirring sermons about our building campaign from our guest speakers, Jack Trieber, Doug Fisher, and from Pastor Esposito and Pastor Meyers.

Weekly Devotional

The Bible tells us in Proverbs 3:9," Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase."

We often focus on the last part of this verse to apply toward tithing. I'd like to focus on that first part, "Honour the Lord with thy substance." Substance is all that we have, not just the first fruits. The Bible commands us to "honour" (to regard with great respect) God with all of my possessions. This includes my marriage, my children, my testimony, my talents, my time, and—yes!—my money, which is what I'd like to shift our attention towards.

We have so many things we can decide to do with our money. Have we ever asked ourselves, "When it comes to honoring God, what is the best way to use my money?" Certainly there is nothing wrong with a new car, new clothes, or any other nice things.

However, I'd like for us to consider our Building that we are trying to build for God's glory. A building that would increase our capability to help more people. A building that would be used to restore relationships and even train future workers for the ministry. A building in which our children can grow up in both physically and spiritually. Would this building "honour God?"

Biblically speaking one of the wisest things I can do with my money is to "Honour the Lord with my substance." Please don't pass this wonderful opportunity to show God's worth in our lives. No material possession, no matter how nice can compare to the privilege of honoring our God—isn't He worth it?

Building Updates

Visit our building update page where you can find digital walkthroughs of our new building, beautiful full-color drawings, testimonies, current updates, and more!

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